• Tanzania Land Forum First Steering Board MeetingTanzania Land Forum First Steering Board meeting at International House, TEITI hall Dar es Salaam on 03-04 June 2015. The meeting conferred on important issues mainly setting a roadmap on forth coming activities and deliberately setting a five years strategic plan.
  • Tanzania Land Forum Board MembersTanzania Land Forum Board members attentively listening to Dr. Mashindano from UDSM - ESRF one of the technical member of the forum during Tanzania Land Forum First Steering Board meeting at International House, TEITI hall Dar es Salaam on 03-04 June 2015 . The speech was about land issues in agriculture; linking economy, agriculture and sustainability.
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Land Investments in Tanzania

Land conflicts are not new to Tanzania. But with increasing focus on formalization of land ownership and a drive to increase foreign direct investments, tensions over land and disputed land are intensifying. From community, government to investors, a broad range of stakeholders have expressed strong concern over the current unstable situation. These stakeholders are prepared to engage in dialogue, bringing together the various interests in land and address emerging conflicts to find a suitable way forward.

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Articles About Land Issues in Tanzania

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Tanzania Natural Resource Forum

Key Messages

  • There is an urgent need to understand, address and find solutions to issues regarding land based investments in Tanzania.
  • Land laws are cumbersome, complex and even contradictory.
  • Growth and development strategies do not adequately address land or the value of citizens’ existing and potential contribution to growth.
  • Information about land acquisitions and investments should be more public, accessible, accurate and transparent – for the benefit of the general public and investors.
  • Tanzania should seek a solutions-approach agenda towards quality foreign investments, providing secure and well governed land rights to both communities and investors.


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